Green Spaces, Munnar

Green Spaces is an eco-friendly homestay high in the hills of the Western Ghats mountain range. We are based at 5,000ft, approximately 1 mile, above sea level.  All roads either go up or go down, nothing is flat.  Everywhere is green, we have views of cardamom plantations from our bedroom window together with lots of tall trees and huge bamboo plants.  We are in the heart of the tea plantation area of Kerala and it is truly beautiful.


Breakfast is served in the communal outside area downstairs and good to have the option of a normal breakfast of fresh fruit, toast and coffee once again. Mr L and I went for a walk this morning to explore our immediate area.  There is a view point within walking distance but we had a limited view due to the very low cloud cover.


We then walked up to the Pallivasal Tea Estate, a huge plantation with views of tea bushes as far as you can see.  The female workers could be seen cutting the tea bushes and collecting the leaves in the big sacks which were then carried and placed near the main sign.  You need to be on a guided trek or tour to be able to go into the estate.  We aim to do the trek on Wednesday morning.




We got back to Green Spaces late morning and the weather gradually deteriorated and we have had heavy rain and thunder and lightening since early afternoon.  Due to the strike we have had limited options today.  It appears that some taxis and tuk-tuks are working but all the shops in Munnar were closed so there was no point going into town. Neither was there any point going on a further afield sight-seeing trip as the weather would obscure any potential view.  So, we have had a lazy afternoon reading and googling various facts about tea, Munnar, Ayurveda etc.


Mr L has been researching the Ayurvedic properties of some of the herbs and spices grown in Kerala.  Apparently on his return he will be partaking in a daily diet of 2 teaspoons of turmeric in a glass of warm milk (possibly coconut milk), some holy basil, and a bit of guava……all of which will cure all, prevent all illnesses and achieve the holy grail of perfect health!

We met and chatted at length with our neighbour this evening, a young woman from South Korea who is here in Kerala on holiday but has been living and working as a researcher in Delhi for the past 3 years.  She very kindly donated me her plastic mac which she has never used and she departs for Fort Cochin in the morning and won’t need it there.  Really useful as I think I will be needing it over the next couple of days as the weather forecast is not brilliant and I didn’t actually bring a rain coat with me as didn’t expect rain in India at this time of year.  It’s also ‘only’ 21c and we feel cold so have been wearing our fleeces and I have borrowed a pair of Mr L’s socks to keep my feet warm!