Green Park Spices and Kumily

That was a cold night! Our thin little blankets did little to keep us warm.  I got up in the middle of the night and put my fleece on.  It is certainly much cooler here and our tree house cottage is a bit like a portacabin and heats up during day and gets quickly cold at night.  We have asked for extra blankets for tonight so should be a bit more snug.

Breakfast was served at 8.30 prompt and was curry with no other options.  Mr L tucked in but I could only have a very small portion as never a great breakfast eater at the best of times, and it certainly does not include curry as an option!  Mama’s coffee though was something else – a special South Indian recipe which combines ginger, black pepper, sugar and who knows what else with the local Robusta bean coffee.  It is served as a black coffee, has an oomph to it and is very good.  We will be experimenting with our own version when we get home.


The plan for the day was to visit the Green Park Spices Plantation which is not far from us and is highly recommended on TripAdvisor.  It certainly fulfilled our expectations and we had a really interesting and informative tour of the spices grown here as well as the Ayurvedic herbs and spices and what they are all used for.  Ayurveda is a very old traditional form of medicine widely practised here in India with strong beliefs in its ability to cure.



Having had all the benefits of these herbs and spices explained I am surprised anyone in India has poorly controlled diabetes, kidney stones, cancer, stomach problems, throat problems, immunity problems, aches and pains, and skin problems and anything else you can think of!  The tour also included a walk up and along the skywalk…..Mr L partook of the experience but I declined so ‘madam’ was provided with a chair to sit on whilst she waited for the little tour group to return.


We spent the afternoon wandering around Kumily having a bit more knowledge of the spices sold in the many spice shops that are here. We then got absolutely drenched in a monsoon like downpour and finally managed to grab a tuk-tuk and head back home.  This sadly meant Mr L had missed his lunch…….

However, we decided we didn’t want to stay here at Monsoon Retreats for supper this evening so we ventured back into Kumily early evening and ate an earlyish dinner at the excellent Our Place restaurant.  I needed an English meal this evening as the thought of curry did not make my queasy insides feel happy!  Our Place looked after us well, outside we had another thunderstorm and then a power cut so ended up having a candlelit meal – very romantic.  The power cut meant Mr L couldn’t keep track of Crystal Palace’s game…….

Could we find a tuk-tuk to come home……never there when you want one and always pestering when you don’t!  We had no choice but to get damp again and walk further into town before finding our ride home.  Once back, Mr L was able to finish following the football and goodness me Crystal Palace won 2-0.  Mr L a happy tourist!

We have the alarm set for 6.20am and a tuk-tuk booked for 6.45am as we are off bamboo rafting and trekking in the Periyar National Park tomorrow…….


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