A Day on Chennamkary

Straight after breakfast whilst the day was still relatively cool we set off for the island’s interior and its hidden secret – a large lake in the middle.  A brief walk along the main waterway path and turn right at the second canal and keep going.


These were much smaller waterways with turnings off where we had to follow the loop round and back, and one where we had to walk across on a plank – hmmm, not my favourite moment!  Mr L kindly caught the moment on his camera.  Everyday life was happening and fascinating to observe: young children off on their way to school; fish sellers, one on a bike and one in a canoe; the ever constant activity of washing clothes in the water; preparing and beheading fish for the day’s meal.  Houses, some very grand, others less so, with occasional glimpses of the rice fields sitting behind the homes.


We finally made it to the large lake which has huge homes built all around on the waters edge.


Maria told us later that the lake is often used for filming and that now the land has been bought and mainly belongs to film stars and film directors so will no longer be able to return to local ownership as the houses they have built are too grand expensive.  A good bit of exercise with our round trip being just over 5 miles, and taking us 2 hours.

Lunch is always served at 1pm and is the main meal of the day and has the most dishes served, all of local Kerala cooking.  We had a lazy afternoon before I went off for an Ayurvedic massage which Maria had booked for me.  The Ayurveda Massage Centre is run by Maria’s mother-in-law and was about 5 minutes walk away on Chennamkary.  This was the first Ayurvedic massage I have ever had and is a complete head to toe massage using copious amounts of oils and lasted 1 hour for 1000IR (£12.24).  Not quite as cheap as a Thai massage but equally good and I would have one again.

I had my first beer of the holiday with dinner, a Kingfisher Blue, very enjoyable.  Maria had tried to buy beers for the young English couple and me the day before but then remembered it was the first of the month and no alcohol can be sold on that day. This rule is to ensure that the men take their monthly pay home and cannot spend it on alcohol as soon as they are paid.  There is also apparently a limit of 5 beers per person, and often won’t be sold to a woman.


This is our last night on our idyllic backwater island at Green Palm Homes.  Tomorrow we head off to Thekkady on the eastern border of Kerala up in the mountains and amongst the jungle.



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