Breakfast was yet again an experience.  Mr L explained that he would like his toast unfolded and toasted on both sides, so far so good… ordering was confusing though.  Mr L ordered a coffee with milk and then remembered that they make milky coffee with disgusting flavoured milk so he said just a filter coffee with milk on the side. I ordered black filter coffee (tea a no go area as again milky and often sweetened so vile). We were eventually served with 2 coffees each – Mr L had one black with milk on the side and a second milky coffee, I had 2 black coffees one of which was the drinkable filter coffee and the other black coffee was coloured water with no discernible flavour. Another Indian experience!!

We started our day by walking west along the coast path past Mahatma Gandhi beach and the Chinese fishing nets and then Fort Cochin beach.  The latest Indian media sensation posed for her photo on the beach! Market stalls were setting up for the day and Indian families were out and about.




The coast path then disappeared, it had disintegrated and no effort to rebuild it.  We joined the road and carried on walking up past derelict defence sites, past a naval base and other military areas.  Lots of clear signage stating that the area being filmed and photography forbidden. Not wishing to spend any time in an Indian jail I refrained from all photography. Eventually hot and weary we found ourselves a tuk-tuk back into town to the Aspinwall.

Aspinwall is the starting venue for the Biennale (pronounced bin-ar-lee).  The Biennale is a 12 location art festival in Fort Cochin from December – March every 2 years.  We managed 3 venues and were definitely ‘arted’ out after that.  Some of the art and installations were stunning, others simply beyond all understanding.


Lunch was back at the wonderful Pepper House where there were also art installations to see.  Afternoon tea with Kindle reading was in the courtyard of the Old Courtyard Hotel.  I had an excellent affogato and Mr L had a banana lassi which he didn’t enjoy so won’t be trying one of those in a hurry.  We wandered some of the little streets all around where we are staying and found an interesting restaurant as a dinner possibility.  The TripAdvisor review was 5* so off we went to Sutra Restaurant where we had a truly excellent meal.  They made Mr L’s curry nice and mild so he really enjoyed his meal. The total cost was 560IR which is £6.77!  We will return to Sutra when we come back to Fort Cochin in 10 days time.



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