The NutBrook Nuptials

Our 3 days at the Castello di Modanella have been wonderful. The Tuscan scenery is stunning and just what I imagined it to be, the sun shone, the skies were blue and it was lovely and warm.

Tuscan landscape

Tuscan landscape

We had a brief stop in Siena for lunch and a quick wander – another very ancient city that is full of character and well worth a longer visit another day.

Duomo in Siena

Duomo in Siena


Siena – amphitheatre

Piazza del Campo

Siena – Piazza del Campo

Lazy days sitting in the shade, the sun, by the pool……leisurely lunches with friends eating Italian cheeses, breads, olives, tomatoes and supping Italian wine. A dinner at a local restaurant was booked for the Thursday night; a barbecue organised by the groom’s family on the Friday night with a plentiful supply of Chianti – so plentiful that were a number of sore heads the next day! My head was okay as I have still been struggling to shake off this cold and chesty cough so my appetite for wine was limited. A local young fox also got a sniff of the BBQ and hung around for quite some time until he was thrown the leftovers from the BBQ – presumably a regular occurrence.

Our friendly fox

Our friendly fox


Saturday was NutBrook nuptials day with the wedding service scheduled for 5.30pm. Kirsty looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful wedding dress, Tom looked equally handsome in his blue 3-piece suit. The service was lovely and held in the chapel at the castle, and followed by drinks and canapés in the castle grounds. The wedding breakfast was open air in the castle courtyard and was splendid. A band from Florence opened the dancing with Tom and Kirsty’s taking to the floor for the first dance with a well-rehearsed formal dance that would not have been out of place on Strictly! They had apparently been having dance lessons for 3 months in preparation for this moment – very special.

Tom and Kirsty - Strictly! (Photo anon)

Tom and Kirsty – Strictly! (Photo anon)

Sunday morning and time to pack up, with a final breakfast down by the swimming pool and then sad good-byes to our hosts, and in particular Tom and Kirsty who fly off to Kenya tomorrow for their honeymoon – a Kenyan safari and then Zanzibar. Mr L was the designated driver and we arrived back at Florence airport in good time following a much less stressed journey back than the outward drive to Siena had been on Thursday!

Total steps walked on Italian soil = 143,053 / 103.4km / 64.2 miles


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