Florence on Foot

Blue skies, occasional fluffy clouds and hot – perfect for ambling!  Mr L and I ambled into the centre of Florence this morning, we ambled south, we ambled north and then we wearily ambled back to the apartment late afternoon.  No buses for us, just Mr L and his map as my trusty guide.

We wandered around the busy daily food market in the Piazza delle Cure at the top of our street, the Viale Alessandro Volta, with all sorts of fruit and vegetables and cheeses.  Parmesan sold in great slabs, not the weeny slithers that we get in our UK supermarkets!

Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese

We then took the underpass with some stunning graffiti adorning the walls – not probably a route to take alone and late at night though.

Underpass and graffiti

Underpass and graffiti


Out the other side and we were in the Piazza della Liberta which marks the northernmost point of the historic centre of Florence and hosts the ‘triumphal’ arch of Florence.  Personally, we thought this a poor man’s Marble Arch, but don’t tell the Italians!!

Florence is a beautiful city with piazzas and statues aplenty, lots and lots of wonderful leather goods, and a lady’s clothes shop that I might just have to go back too……..I made the remark that I could spend lots of money here in Florence to which Mr L replied ‘you are always able to spend lots of money’, a somewhat cheeky response I thought!

We then turned a corner onto Piazza San Giovanni and there ahead of us on Piazza del Duomo we saw the most amazing and enormous highly decorated cathedral you could ever imagine, the Cattedrale di Sante Maria del Fiore, otherwise known as The Duomo of Florence.  This photo from my iPhone really does not do it justice.

Cathedral of St Mary of the Flower - The Duomo of Florence

Cathedral of St Mary of the Flower – The Duomo of Florence

The exterior of the cathedral is covered with marble panels in shades of green and pink bordered by white. The cathedral complex includes the Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile and the 3 buildings are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site which covers the whole of the historic centre of Florence. There was a huge queue all round the block of people waiting to go in, and no we didn’t join the queue.

Next piazza was the Piazza della Signoria home to a replica of Michelangelo’s David – the real one is housed in the Uffizi Gallery.  Again, huge queues to get in.

Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo’s David

We crossed the River Arno via the Ponte Vecchio with all its jewellery shops and hordes of tourists.  The views from the bridge were stunning.

View west from the Ponte Vecchio

View west from the Ponte Vecchio

We then walked ever onwards ending up as far south of the city centre as we had started from the north.  Mr L wanted lunch by now but there was nothing much out this far so we turned round and walked back in until we came to a little caffe for a light bite, with a beer for him and a Sprite for me.  More amblings, a stop for a cappuccino, and a gentle stroll back to the apartment – we were too weary for anything more than gentle.  This bright shiny leather clad Harley Davidson was spotted on the route home – only in Italy!!

Italian leather-clad Harley Davidson

Italian leather-clad Harley Davidson

Miss A and Mr D fly in this evening and should hopefully get to us for about 11pm.

Steps walked = 21,441 / 15.4km (Mrs L in flip flops – feet fine, Mr L in shoes and feet not fine as has blister on his toe)b


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