Macy’s Day!

A final belated blog post from our amazing holiday.

Boxing Day was much like any other week day in NYC, it is not a US public holiday so everyone is back at work with shops open, banks open and offices back at work.  Nevertheless the marvellous Macy’s had a ‘One Day’ sale so off we went. Macy’s was full of shoppers……..Mr and Mrs L went their separate ways for ease of the shopping experience.  I went up to the 9th floor and started from there……Mr L soon ducked out as too busy for him and coffee held more attraction!

Macy's New York

Macy’s New York

First bargain bagged was a new work bag I need for work.  Working across 2 sites means I carry a lot of paperwork etc around with me and my current bag is quite heavy and has given me a bad shoulder so I need something lighter and easier to carry.  A lightweight leather slim Samsonite bag seemed to be a perfect answer, also seemed to be a reasonable bargain with price reduced from $200 to $99.99……still a lot of money so I hummed and haa’ed a bit before thinking ‘sod it, I’ll buy it’……..and then when I went to the till there was a further price reduction due to the one day sale and it was half price. So bingo, first bargain bagged at $54.83 – Mrs L was well pleased!  Next stop was ladies fashion bargains on the 5th floor.  I was very moderate here and only purchased 1 jumper and a 2 sweater dresses……..could have been a lot worse but for travel and luggage restrictions.

Friday was a glorious day with solid blue sky and sunshine, and warm in the sun at 13c which meant my fur coat (my only coat I had with me) was somewhat warm!  We walked across from 6th Avenue to 11th Avenue to find the High Line walk which was another highly recommended ‘to do in NYC’ from Mr G.

The High Line Park

Map of the High Line Park

The High Line is a 2.33km/1.45 mile linear park built on an elevated section of the disused New York Central Railroad spur which was called the West Side Line.  The High Line Park runs from 34th Street, down through the area known as Chelsea, to Granesvoort Street which is 3 blocks below 14th Street.  It has been transformed from a disused railway to a stylish park with natural planting and areas for sitting and relaxing and has no doubt transformed this slightly more neglected area out on the west side of NYC.

High Line Park

High Line Park

We had a wander down Granesvoort Street, an area known as the Meatpacking District, and back up to 14 Street and finally picked up the subway on 6th Avenue back to our hotel to collect luggage and await our transfer to JFK Airport……time to go home 😥

Last local beer at JFK!

Last local beer at JFK!

PS steps walked Boxing Day = 19,383 / 14.12km.  That makes a total of  90,944 steps walked in our 4.5 days in NYC which is 67.1km / 41.7 miles = weary legs for Mr and Mrs L!!


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