Wet, Wet, Wet

Relentless rain all day…….the heavy rain today makes the damp drizzle of the past 2 days almost pleasant!

Too wet to walk anywhere any distance this morning so we headed off to the New York Public Library just up on 42nd and 5th Avenue – so not too far to walk but we got absolutely drenched as we waited to cross Madison Avenue when a coach turned right through a big puddle…..lovely!!  NYPL is one of NYC’s classic style older buildings.

New York Public Library

New York Public Library

Completed in 1911 the library now houses world-renowned collections in the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts – and provides free and open access to all. The Astor Hall is host to a fabulous Christmas Tree, and upstairs in the McGraw Rotunda is an amazing mural ceiling and 4 huge murals portraying the written word from Moses and his Tablets to the modern day newspaper.  There were 2 exhibitions we wanted to see – one called ‘Over Here’ detailing WW1 and the fight for the American mind; the other was called ‘Public Eye’ on 175 years of sharing photography – brilliant exhibition.  We also met Patience and Fortitude, the 2 lions who sit outside NYPL (a quiz question on QM2 which we got wrong).

Patience and Fortitude guarding NYPL

Patience and Fortitude guarding NYPL


Still wet post-NYPL so we rode the subway.

Bright and cheerful subway entrance

Bright and cheerful subway entrance

We took the Q line all the way down Manhattan, across Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn and across to Coney Island…….it was raining even harder there so we switched lines and got the F line back up to 59th Street just by Columbus Circle.  Drizzle now, so an improvement, and there was a Christmas Market here just at the South end of Central Park.  We had a wander through and I found a neat item which Mr L said he would buy as my Christmas present……….

We wandered back to our hotel via Bloomingdales and 5th Avenue – still raining!  Saving Macy’s for Boxing Day.

Christmas Eve dinner was at the trendy Breslin Bar in the Ace Hotel on West 29th – great bar, food average and alcohol exceedingly overpriced……..but there again eating and drinking is very expensive here in New York.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone x

PS 16,542 steps / 12.4km walked today


One thought on “Wet, Wet, Wet

  1. Happy Christmas from here in Honeysuckle Cottage, with Tim,Tracey & Samuel – Jacob working until mid afternoon. Much love Ma xx

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