Arrived Brooklyn, Transferred Manhattan

Cases were packed and left outside our room before midnight Sunday night ready for collection and transfer to the Brooklyn Terminal. Our information sheet informed us that we were due to dock in Brooklyn at 6.30am Monday morning.  Mr L decided it was a good idea to be up and get out on deck and watch us steam by the Statue of Liberty and around the bottom of Manhattan to the Brooklyn Terminal. The alarm was set for 5.30am and we were up and dressed and out on deck by 5.45am – it was still dark………and we were already securely berthed. I got my first photos of the iconic New York skyline, this time with the new Freedom Tower in the shot. I also got a nice photo of the Statue of Liberty. Made the early start all worthwhile!!

Time for an early cuppa and pre-breakfast snack – 6.30am was still a bit too early for breakfast, even for Mr L!

Final packing of our hand luggage done and back to our favourite Chart Room to wait until it got light so I could take some more NYC photos and await a suitable time for breakfast. The photos in the dark are more impressive than the photos at first light as it is somewhat grey and hazy this morning.

Statue of Liberty from QM2

Statue of Liberty from QM2

Early morning view of Manhattan from QM2

Early morning view of Manhattan from QM2

We then had to gather in the Queen’s Room and await our disembarkation time of 10.15am and the joys of getting through US immigration, collecting luggage and finally clearing customs. We did not get called to disembark until 11am as there were delays in the Immigration Hall of the Terminal. At least we were able to wait in comfort in the Queen’s Room and once through to Immigration we were through and out in 45 minutes so not too bad overall; Mr L still moaned though. Our pre-booked cab collected us at 12md to whisk us off to our hotel. There was little ‘whisk’, more a slow crawl out of a fairly run down Brooklyn and across the Brooklyn Bridge which had a lane closed, hence the slow journey.

We are on the 15th floor of The Westin which is on E42nd and 3rd. Our room is modern and spacious with a view of the Chrysler Building from our room window…….a bit of a Fawlty Towers seaview view in that you have to crane your neck a bit, but we can see it!


Chrysler Building from our hotel window on 15th floor

Chrysler Building from our hotel window on 15th floor

Once unpacked and again ‘connected’ to wifi we went out for a couple of hours in the drizzle and fought our way through shoppers on 5th Avenue before heading west and back down 6th Avenue, completing our loop by walking down W47th – the centre of Manhattan’s very Jewish diamond district. There were some amazing diamond stores, strangely Mr L was not overcome by a great urge to buy Mrs L a diamond or two!!

Dinner choice tonight is an American Diner burger……..burgers and beer at Jackson Hole made a change from the fine dining of the past week.


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