Two taxis, two undergrounds and two trains later we arrived at Southampton’s Ocean Terminal where the impressive Queen Mary 2 was berthed. Our boarding time was 3pm but there had obviously been earlier delays as we did not finally check-in and board until after 4pm.

View of Southampton from Queen Mary 2

View of Southampton from Queen Mary 2

QM2 had been due to depart at 4.30pm……although Mr L had told me it was a 7pm departure! Anyways we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon…… The Captain finally made an announcement at around 7pm to inform us all that there was a technical problem – what though we didn’t know!

Champagne on deck

Champagne on deck

Pre-dinner drinks in the Golden Lion Pub on Deck 2 was followed by a superb dinner in the Britannia Restaurant. We retired not knowing whether we would still be docked in Southampton when we woke next morning!

Tuesday morning found us at sea but still within sight of land – we passed Land’s End at about 11am and that was the last sight of terra firma until we got to the other side of the North Atlantic – icebergs permitting of course!

At noon each day our very well spoken Captain Oprey delivers his navigational update to inform us of progress etc. The technical problem had been a problem with a propeller duct which then had to be dried out and was finally fixed at 8pm Monday evening but there was then a super tanker coming into Southampton down the Solent so QM2 could not leave until after 12mn which Captain Oprey informed us he did quietly so as not to wake us, and carefully in the dark as there are no headlights on this ocean going liner!


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