Mal de Mer

Mrs L has suffered……….seasickness and a cold sore – lovely!

Extreme nausea and headaches masked my enjoyment of the trip until Friday/Saturday. From Tuesday through to Friday all I could do was look with envy at folk wandering around untroubled by our seafaring journey. Friday was the first day I began to feel vaguely human again and then Saturday I was back!!

Monday night was great, but we were still berthed and stationary in Southampton! I was fine until Tuesday afternoon and by the evening, after watching a film in Illuminations which is at the more up-and-down bow end of the QM2, I felt extremely unwell and took to my bed without any supper. Mr L sought help from the Purser’s Office and the ship nurse and following advice was able to buy some medication which I duly took. Mr L had to go to dinner and the Black and White Ball by himself.

Wednesday was a little better and I managed to get to the ‘meet the Captain in the Queen’s room’ for drinks and then onto dinner and eat something. Hoping against hope that I had finally found my sealegs Thursday started off okay but deteriorated by the afternoon. I thought I would be okay for dinner and made it to the Chart Room for pre-dinner drinks but soon realised there was only one place to be……..cabin, bed and a further dose of medication. Mr L had another lonesome dinner. I am now taking the medication twice daily rather than the prescribed once daily and doing okay now.

Having initially decided that cruising is perhaps not for me – which would be a real shame as it is a very luxurious, stylish and sociable way to holiday – I think I could do this again. Next time though I will start taking medication pre-trip and continue taking at least twice daily for the first few days and then hopefully step down the meds thereafter. These last couple of days and I am sure the days to follow in New York will have made the suffering of the past few days worthwhile!!


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