Skye 10: Back to Glasgow

Skye must have known we were departing her shores – the blue skies were not there to greet us and we woke to a foggy morning, so foggy that we couldn’t even see our Loch for one last time! Once we got back to Portree the fog had cleared considerably, and by the time we got to Sligachan the Cuillins looked amazing with their peaks clearly visible but with impressive clouds obscuring their lower slopes. Cars were stopping and people were out with cameras and tripods and all the various kit to take photos of an incredibly picturesque landscape. My photos really don’t do justice to this morning’s view of the Cuillins.

The drive back to Glasgow was seamless with a lunch stop in Fort William. As we approached Glasgow driving down the side of Loch Lomond, somehow Loch Lomond was no longer as impressive as we had considered on the way up to Skye and the Highlands……now relatively mundane when compared to the sights we have been privileged to see over the past 10 days.

Our Citizen M Hotel here in Glasgow is something else! We have a room on the 7th floor (top floor) with great views up Renfrew Street, even the bathroom has floor to ceiling window looking over the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with alumni which include David Tennant, Sheena Easton, James McAvoy, Ruby Wax… name but a few.  Everything is operated via a Samsung tablet – window blinds and curtains, lighting, TV, radio, internet, mood lighting, room temperature etc., and Mr L will now be known as Citizen Keith!!

Citizen Keith

Citizen Keith

Citizen M Hotel room

Citizen M Hotel room

We found ourselves a nice Italian for dinner and wandered off via George Square where loads of ‘yes’ supporters were gathered with their Saltire flags, Lion Rampant flags, and Scotland the Brave flags. There was then an impromptu march which headed off down Ingram Street, all very positive and happy but clearly not pre-planned as traffic had to stop to allow people through.

Glasgow for 'Yes' in George Square

Glasgow for ‘Yes’ in George Square

Our dinner at Qua Italia was excellent and a great way to end our holiday.  We walked back via George Square……it’s going to be an all-nighter for many of the people here to tonight.  Time for a quick selfie………

Citizen Keith and Mrs L selfie in George Square!

Citizen Keith and Mrs L selfie in George Square!

…….and then back in our quirky Citizen M room watching the TV and listening to the dialogue of the yes and no spokespersons for the Scottish referendum.

Good luck Scotland, l hope you have voted wisely. I know what I would have voted if I was Scottish……..but also what I want as an English person……..


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