Skye 7: Talisker Distillery and Talisker Bay

The plan today was to stop in Portree for a coffee and internet at the Royal Oak but the Royal Oak was not open at 10.45 this morning… no chance to upload the latest daily blogs.

The haze has lifted today, the blue skies are glorious and the views clearer than they have been all week. We could now easily see the Cuillin Hills in the distance, majestic with their pointy ridges in sharp contrast to the more rounded tops of the other hills.

The Talisker Distillery is in Carbost on the Minginish peninsula; we arrived just in time for a tour due to leave within the next 5 minutes.

Talisker Distillery

Talisker Distillery

It is the first time I have done a distillery tour, Mr L thinks he might have done one in the past many moons ago, but can’t really remember. The tour was interesting particularly around why west Scotland whiskies are peatier than the ones from Speyside and over on the east of Scotland. To be called Scotch whisky, the whisky has to have been produced at a distillery in Scotland, matured in oak casks in Scotland for a minimum of 3 years, and comprising a minimum alcoholic strength of 40%.

Lunch was at a great little inn, The Old Inn, in Carbost overlooking Loch Harport and surrounded by picturesque hills and the Cuillins in the distance. Mr L had mackerel which the young waitress informed him that she had personally caught on a line from the Loch just in front of the Inn – mackerel does not get much more local or fresh than that! We then spotted an antique washing mangle sitting ornamentally in the garden, it had been made by McFarlane’s of Glasgow.

We then drove down to Talisker Bay for a short stroll. It was about a 1 mile walk from where we had to park the car down to the bay. The bay is set between to 2 majestic cliffs – the one on the right as you look out to sea is McFarlane’s Rock, the cliffs on the left are known as Talisker Point.

Talisker Point

Talisker Point

McFarlane's Rock

McFarlane’s Rock

We made our way over the very rocky foreshore onto the beach where the sand is very fine and very black. Mrs L chilled for a while resting on the rocks soaking up the rays whilst Mr L threw stones into the passing stream which ran through the rocks towards the sea…..”it’s what boys do” I was told! We then strolled the 1 mile back to the car. An easy walk day.

It was comedy night tonight with Ross Noble at the Portree Aros Centre – very good, very funny albeit a bit whacky and manic to say the least! He is obviously doing his warm-up tour in small venues, the Aros Centre auditorium holds approximately 175 people…….he played Mull last night, Shetland a few nights ago – I can’t imagine they had much bigger venues than here on Skye!


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