A Long Road North

After an extraordinarily hectic week at work – hectic is normal, but extraordinarily hectic trying to get all the pre-holiday loose ends tied up…….still some frayed edges but they will have to wait until 22 September – and it was finally time to head north to Scotland for the next 2 weeks.  Mr L was once again a most excellent chauffeur! The roads were mostly clear all the way to Glasgow, dry and sunny weather and Mrs L’s iPod music for entertainment – guess the artist!

The road north through The Lakes

The road north through The Lakes

Our Premier Inn is excellently located in the Gorbals just south of the Clyde, behind the Islam Centre and Central Mosque Glasgow and between the Victoria and Albert bridges.

The evening stroll took us over the Clyde and we meandered up around the Merchant City district before heading back into the city centre to Union Street and down to the Crystal Palace Wetherspoon’s pub – we could not really come to Glasgow and not have Mr L go to the pub named after his football team!

The dinner venue we had decided on after googling and TripAdvisoring was the Trattoria Gia back out on the edge of Merchant City near Saltmarket……it was closed……not closed up forever closed, just not open….who knows, perhaps the owners are on their hols too.  We randomly picked on Esca, another Italian restaurant in Downtown Merchant City, and had an excellent meal.  It was one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had, accompanied by a very nice Montepulciano and excellent service. A restaurant to remember and revisit one day.

We then strolled home to bed, back over the Albert Bridge onto Ballater Road and our comfortable room.


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