Random Photos, Odds and Sods……..

The name Glasgow is thought to derive from the Brythonic Celtic ‘Cleschi’ meaning ‘Dear Green Place’.

The patron saint of Glasgow is St Mungo.


Random Glasgow photos that have not appeared anywhere else………

The Scotia Bar

The Scotia Bar

The Scotia Bar is Glasgow’s oldest bar and was where Billy Connolly first played before he found fame.

Insect-eating plant

Insect-eating plant

An unpleasant looking insect-eating plant seen in one of the Glasshouses at the Botanic Gardens.

The Crystal Palace pub

The Crystal Palace pub

This one is for Mr L and Miss A – spotted alongside Platform 1 track as the train left Glasgow  Central.  It does not look very open for business!

Update from Miss A is that the Crystal Palace is most definitely open as she had breakfast there Monday morning – the station side view is obviously not its best side.

The Clutha

The Clutha Bar

The Clutha Bar, scene of the dreadful police helicopter crash on 29.11.13 where 10 people lost their lives.

Glasgow's 'Boris' bikes!

Glasgow’s ‘Boris’ bikes!

Glasgow has its own Boris bikes scheme, recently launched with 400 bikes that can be found at 31 locations across the city.

A Glasgow drumlin

A Glasgow drumlin

Glasgow City is located on the broad valley floor of the River Clyde with hills to the north, north-west and south. The Clyde bisects the city from East to west.  Drumlins are small hills, there are approximately 180, formed as a result of glacial activity.

A flag of a Commonwealth country but which one?

A flag of a Commonwealth country but which one?

This flag was spotted amongst all the Commonwealth country flags in the display on the 3rd floor of the Games Family Hotel. Mrs L is curious as to which country has this image on their flag?




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