Day 8: From Scotstoun to Glasgow Green

After a few hours rest and a catch-up (for the first time since last Friday) with her host, Mrs L headed out to Scotstoun for the squash.  Timing was perfect as the match between Nick Matthew from England vs. Alan  Clyne of Scotland was just about to start.  There was a big crowd of predominantly Scottish supporters who got behind their man but he lost in straight sets to the English number 1, also the gold medal winner at the last Commonwealth Games in Delhi.  Mrs L kept her cheering to herself as she was somewhat in the minority!

Squash: England vs. Scotland

Squash: England vs. Scotland

From Scotstoun it is a brief walk to Victoria Park, yet another of Glasgow’s many lovely parks scattered all over the city.  Glasgow has 60 parks, more than any other Western European city, built to provide green space for the people who lived/live in tenements and had/have no gardens.  Clyde 25 lives in Victoria Park and was minding his own business up by the ponds, he obligingly posed for his photo to be taken!

Clyde 25 - Victoria Park

Clyde 25 – Victoria Park

Mrs L then caught the number 2 bus  back to the city centre and got off at the stop outside Kelvingrove  to go back to the Pelican Bistro for her daily cooked meal – a very tasty veggie burger accompanied by excellent fat chips. The Clydes were also in for their meal……..

Clydes in the Pelican Bistro

Clydes in the Pelican Bistro

There was then still time to squeeze in some more Glasgow sightseeing so it was back to Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace which were both open, unlike on Monday!

Winter Gardens, Glasgow Green

Winter Gardens, Glasgow Green

Mrs L found Floral Clyde and spent an interesting couple of hours going round the People’s Palace, Glasgow’s social history museum.  There were displays about the rise of the trade unions; life during Glasgow’s wealthy industrial times followed by life in an overcrowded city with the associated poverty and disease; housing – the single ends, the tenements and then the tower blocks of the 1960-70s; the impact of war etc etc…….

Glasgow Green is one of the oldest public spaces in Glasgow.  It is also where the gallows were, public executions took place here from 1814 until 1865.  These were festive occasions with whole families waiting hours to get a good view. The last person to be hanged on the Green was a Dr Prichard, a poisoner, and 80,000 people watched him die.  Hangings then moved to Barlinnie Prison where the last hanging was in 1960.  Glasgow Green is currently a Live Zone for the Games and has a big screen to watch sport, a large stage for music, a chance to race against Usain Bolt, and some fairground rides for all to enjoy themselves.

GFH Medical Team - Another night, another team!

GFH Medical Team – Another night, another team!

One more night shift and then my Games are over 😦


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