Day 7: The Games Have Begun!

Well, Mrs L’s body clock is now completely muddled…….managing to get about 4 hours sleep in the middle of her night shift and then getting another 2-3 hours some time during the day so ready for the next night shift……..mind you, had a snack after waking up from ‘day sleep’ – this would normally be called breakfast but it was 4pm so not sure what to call it!!

GFH Medical Team - Afternoon shift meets night shift!

GFH Medical Team – Afternoon shift meets night shift!

Mrs L went onto shift early last night to watch the Opening Ceremony on our TV at GFH, otherwise would have missed it as travelling into the City.  There were a few extra bits we didn’t see at Monday’s rehearsals – well-regarded by all my Scottish colleagues, so good that they were happy with their Games Opening Ceremony.  The BBC voice-over was helpful as we had struggled to understand everything that was being said on Monday night.  Those Glaswegians are not always easy to understand!!

It was not straight home to bed for Mrs L this morning, instead it was the train to Dalmarnock and the Emirates Stadium for the opening preliminary session of the badminton.  Five matches were being played concurrently, Mrs L had good views of the Malaysia vs. Barbados games and also the Scotland vs. Seychelles games.  Malaysia were in a different league to Barbados and won the mixed doubles, male and female singles easily.  Scotland also won their games in 2 sets too – the crowd was certainly happy to see Scotland win!

Badminton: Malaysia vs Barbados

Badminton: Malaysia vs Barbados

Badminton: Scotland vs Seychelles

Badminton: Scotland vs Seychelles

Time then to track down Clyde 9 at Clyde Gateway outside the Emirates before heading home to bed.  With no time to slack, Mrs L was off out again late afternoon to head over to SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) for the netball.

There were huge crowds at Glasgow Low Level station to get the train out to SECC – they have got an efficient one way system in place now so the crowds can be safely managed.  If you are heading west you can leave from Glasgow Low Level but if you want to go east you have to go to Argyle Station just down the road to get the train from there.

I got to SECC in time to see the final quarter of the very close Trinidad & Tobago vs Barbados game – T&T won 38-37.

Netball - Trinidad & Tobago vs Barbados

Netball: Trinidad & Tobago vs Barbados

The next game was St Lucia vs Jamaica.  Jamaica thrashed St Lucia 88-24 which is not altogether unsurprising as Jamaica are ranked 4th and St Lucia 18th in the world rankings.  Despite the huge difference in scores, it was a good game with the crowd rooting for St Lucia and cheering loudly with every goal scored – the British do love an underdog!

Netball: St Lucia vs Jamaica

Netball: St Lucia vs Jamaica

The stroll back from SECC into the city was a lovely 20 minute walk along the walkway adjacent to the River Clyde…….and Mrs L met up with 2 more Clyde friends – Clydes 5 and 17.

Clyde 5 - Broomielaw

Clyde 5 – Broomielaw

Clyde 17 - Lancefield Quay

Clyde 17 – Lancefield Quay

Now back at GFH ready for another night shift 😦



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