Day 6: All Good Things Are Free

First night shift done – managed to get a bit of sleep during the night as all quiet until around 6-7a.m when we got a couple of calls and needed to see one patient.  The rules for the Games medical team do not allow anyone other than a GP to issue a prescription which does somewhat limit the role of us Nurse Practitioners.  If I see a patient who needs a prescription, then the GP has to see them again – daft! The physios are also equally limited and are not permitted to use their extended roles either.

Mrs L headed back to Battlefield to get a few more hours kip before continuing her Glasgow exploration.  A great afternoon out in the West End at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens which is an arboretum and public park and contains some amazing glasshouses.  The Kibble Palace is a 19th century wrought iron framed glasshouse originally designed by John Kibble for his home on Loch Long in 1860; it was eventually transported by barge up the Clyde to the Botanic Gardens and erected in its current position in 1873.

Kibble Palace

Kibble Palace

The Main Range Glasshouses are similarly extensive and contain national and Commonwealth collections of plants of all sorts.

Main Glasshouses

Main Glasshouses

Cactus Collection

Cactus Collection

The Long Pit Glasshouse has been renovated but did not have many plants of note in it, presumably still be a work in progress.  One might think that going round glasshouses on probably the hottest day of the year here in Glasgow was not the most obvious activity to undertake…..and you would probably be right.  It did feel nice and cool once back outdoors where the temperature was a mere 25c!  Clyde 3 was enjoying the sunshine in the Botanic Gardens too, Mrs L is pleased to say he was easy to find!

What has been really amazing is that everything I have been too has been free.  All the facilities that Glasgow City Council run are free entry – all the parks, museums, art galleries.  Neither was there was a charge for the Hunterian and the Mackintosh House which are run by the University of Glasgow. Glasgow is a good value city.


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