Day 3: Lockdown at GFH

Lockdown has happened at GFH (Games Family Hotel aka Glasgow Hilton)!

Mrs L must have seen most of Police Scotland on the slip road to the Glasgow Hilton and in the security and check-in areas at 6.20 this morning! Accreditation had to be shown 3 times before Mrs L had even got to her check-in area. Going through screening the ‘police force’ present had a conversation as to whether her earrings needed to be removed! They didn’t but Mrs L did have to take off her watch and bracelet despite her protestations that they are best quality silver and have never set off a security scanner in the past…….

The grand total of the sick and needy seen by the morning medical team was zero!  Nevertheless time passed quickly due to the excellent company and wide ranging conversations which covered topics such as the politics of the Yes/No Campaign; the political canniness of the leader of the SNP; travel to places far and wide either for holidays or as part of work expeditions with organisations such as Raleigh International; the differences between the English and Scottish languages; the wonders of Harris and the challenge of playing golf and tennis on a windswept Isle in the Outer Hebrides; the must sees for a tourist to Glasgow; the differences between  Celtic and Rangers supporters……..Celtic F.C was founded as a charity for poor Catholic Irish immigrants many of whom went on to work as labourers on the roads and railways, and Rangers F.C who play at Ibrox attracted support from the Protestant Unionist community, many of whom traditionally worked on the docks; and Buckfast – a controversial drink in Scotland associated with ‘neds’, street drinking, antisocial behaviour and public intoxication. Buckfast is called a tonic wine and is made by the Benedictine monks of Buckfast Abbey in Devon.  A tonic with an oomph……a 750ml bottle contains 15% alcohol and caffeine equivalent to 8 cans of coca cola so no wonder you can easily get off your head!

The highlight of our morning was a visit from our heavily armed police colleagues from across the corridor who obligingly posed for photos.

Police with their Sigs

Police with their Sigs

The guns are Sig Sauer 556 assault rifles made in Switzerland – somewhat ironic that a country with a long history of neutrality and who has not been in a state of war internationally since 1815 produces such deadly weapons!

Post-shift it was then time then to go off and track down the naughty Clydes of yesterday who had hidden from Mrs L……..Clyde 14……..

Clyde 14 - Queen Street Station

Clyde 14 – Queen Street Station

……..and Clyde 6.

Clyde 6 - Buchanan Bus Station

Clyde 6 – Buchanan Bus Station

Mrs L had previously spotted some lovely houses up by Queen’s Park so she decided to get off the bus there to explore the area more thoroughly and then walk back to Shawlands via the park.  Great walk but today’s missing items were the Glasshouses and Poetry Rose Garden signposted as approximately 500m to the left over the road from Queen’s Park – Mrs L has no idea where they have gone! She needs a Mr L or Miss A to aid her limited navigation skills. However, an unexpected find was Clyde 18 on Prospecthill Road near the New Victoria Hospital just near the bus stop where Mrs L gets on her bus to go the city.  Mrs L had no idea there was a Clyde out her way!

There are no Clydesider shift tomorrow fir Mrs L so a full on tourist day beckons………..with a ticket for the opening ceremony dress rehearsal at Celtic Park tomorrow evening.


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