Day 2: Clydesider shifts begin

Irritatingly, Mrs L’s day began somewhat earlier than the planned 5.20 alarm call. Awake at 4.30 it was difficult to get back to sleep knowing the alarm would go off all too soon together with the concern of not wanting to disturb Steph and Kai at a time that normal people would still consider to be the middle of the night!

Today was lock down day at the Glasgow Hilton, the Games Family Hotel (GFH) for the Glasgow  2014 Commonwealth Games.  Just about all of Police Scotland must have been in the Hilton today as it was searched, screened, sniffed and chemical sensed from top to bottom.

There were minimal demands on the time and expertise of the GFH medical team, a grand total of 4 consultations during our shift.  The experience and camaraderie is much the same as Mrs L’s London 2012 GFH experience which is good news, although the quality of the meals leaves quite a lot to be desired! A hot meal is served once every 4 days……..what is that about!!!

Mrs L’s hoped for trip on the open top tourist bus has been postponed due to the exceedingly inclement weather – rain and lots of it.  Not to be defeated, Mrs L set forth with her Glasgow 2014 red and grey umbrella protecting her from the impact of the elements, to continue her Clyde hunt.  Today, Mrs L met Clydes 20 and 21 at their different spots on Sauchiehall (pronounced sok-key-hall) Road.  Clydes 6 and 14 appear to have gone for a walk……..Mrs L now realises she was looking in the wrong places!! Tiredness is her excuse……..

Mrs L also had a quick diversion into the Willow Tearooms gift shop on Sauchiehall Road – full of lots of lovely Mackintosh goodies!

The Willow Tearooms and Gift Shop

The Willow Tearooms and Gift Shop

It was then home for a quiet home alone evening and early to bed as Sunday is another very early start as the bus will be leaving at 5.56!


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