Day 14: Homeward Bound

So if it was our last supper Friday night, Saturday was our last breakfast sitting watching the beach, the ocean, the waves, the dhows and other boats here at Amaani Bungalows.  Last swims in the pool and back to our favourite beach restaurant, Waves, for a leisurely lunch.

Mr L at Waves

Mr L at Waves

We should have checked out at 10am but as we were not being picked up until 4pm we asked if we could have a later check out time – it is all very quiet here and we are the only people in our block.  They agreed extend check out to 12md for free or 4pm for a payment of $20 – we checked out at 12md.

Zanzibar International Airport…….has seen better days certainly.  Once through the door having had our flight details and passports looked at we then had to go to a long table where one man was making everyone undo their suitcases so he could look and poke about – not a very scientific method of luggage screening!  Then for check-in which was relatively painless with next stop having to pay a departure tax, $48 per person, they do accept TSZ but at an extortionate exchange rate – not many choices there!

Next stop was Nairobi for our connecting flight to the UK, we were all aboard and ready for the scheduled departure at 11.50pm.  We were still sitting on the same bit of runway 1 hour later when the Captain informed us there was a technical problem with the plane which engineers were working on, “Kenya Airways have your safety as our main concern so we will not leave until the problem is sorted”, he says.  Well that’s good to hear then……Mr L not really impressed by all this, taking off is not his favourite part of flying so he did not appreciate delays of this nature…….the comment ‘I am not flying Kenya Airways again’ passed his lips!

The flight was ok, not fantastic, but good enough and we still arrived on time, 5.50am, despite leaving an hour late.  We must have been one of the first flights into Heathrow this morning as there were no stacks over London.

Mr L made the 8.30am train to Norwich and Mrs L was back at her flat by 8.40am.

Where will Mr and Mrs L’s next trip be………..


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