Day 12: Hot, Humid, Grey

The winds have eased off but the sky has remained grey all day……nevertheless still hot and humid.

Grey Skies

Grey Skies

A very lazy day for Mr and Mrs L spent reading books and kindles on our ‘grey skies’ beds by the pool.

Mrs L had an assignation with Cliff by the bottom of the steps at 2pm but he was not there, and as he hadn’t appeared by 2.20pm it was time to head off to Waves for lunch. Walking up the beach to Waves represents the most exercise we have had all day, and Mr L has a new best friend………

Mr L's New Best Friend

Mr L’s New Best Friend

We first met this little cat on our first evening when we had our candlelit meal on the beach at Waves…..he made himself known to us in a very polite way and then turned his nose up at the piece of lobster Mr L dropped on the sand for him. He did return later to eat it though, presumably as there was nothing better on offer!! He didn’t hesitate today about eating the bits of burger Mr L just happened to send his way……obviously a cat without expensive tastes!!

A brief stroll along the beach to explore the Hilton’s resort which was not to Mr and Mrs L’s tastes…….much prefer ours and some of the other more personal type resorts. On the way back we bumped into our old friend Bacardi of sunset dhow cruise fame and had a chat with him, and assured him we didn’t need to go on any more trips!

Back then to the pool to carry on reading…….Mrs L then got a message that her missing person, Cliff, was looking for her…… he hadn’t run off with her $10 but was simply working on African time – pole pole – so hakuna matata. Mrs L is very pleased with the 2 ebony key rings he has carved for her, Cliff is very happy with the payment as it buys the next meals for his family. All good then, Cliff and Mrs L both happy – if Mrs L happy, then Mr L happy!

Mr L dressed for dinner – nice shirt from Thailand – Mr G please note.

Mr L in his Thailand Shirt

Mr L in his Thailand Shirt

Evening tradition is now to start at Cholo’s before heading off for a meal looking over the ocean – we can never get tired of this view. Grey skies are not cocktail weather so it was beers tonight. Bacardi was also there at Cholo’s – he same up and said hello to us; Hammish came by and said hello also – Mr and Mrs L clearly are part of the Zanzibar scene!!! Pizza was the preferred dining choice of the evening, so back to the excellent Mama Mia restaurant.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Africa before having to head home to a cold UK and the world of work 😦


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