Day 6: Goodbye Tanzania, Hello Zanzibar

Kwaheri to Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Cosmos and Tanzania – it has been an amazing week, a week that has fulfilled and surpassed all expectations.  Sad to leave Tanzania but looking forward to the next part of this trip.

We woke early to a glorious sunrise over Ngorongoro seen through our bedroom window.  Breakfast and last photos taken and we were on the road by 8.30am.  Once through the Ngorongoro Conservation Park entrance we were back on a tarmac road for the first time since Monday – luxury!!.  We made good time back to Arusha including stops at wonderful African artisan shops on the side of the road.  Mrs L acquired her much desired tanzanite ring, Mr L his Maasai red and blue shuka which Mrs L will be converting into a scarf for him – it is the colours of Crystal Palace football club!  Tanzanite is a rare blue/violet gemstone from Tanzania only found in the Merarani Hills area of the Manyara region of Northern Tanzania near Arusha and Mt Kilimanjaro.

We picnicked at the Cultural Centre in Arusha and had the chance to look around the Art Gallery – there was some wonderful African art.  John Mahove, Mike Ghaui, David Dambuki – all very different but absolutely stunning artists.

Time then for Cosmos to leave us at Arusha Airport.  We will miss our days with Cosmos, a great guy and so knowledgeable not only about wildlife but also the culture and politics of Tanzania and Africa in general.  Mr L gave Cosmos his business card so we really hope he will keep in touch.

Precision Airways - Arusha Airport

Precision Airways – Arusha Airport

Our Precision Airways flight was delayed 45 minutes but we finally arrived in Zanzibar to be met by Muti, our Easy Travel driver, who took us to our hotel for the next 3 nights – the Dhow Palace.  Mrs L made apologies to Mtoo for the delay but he said this was normal…….Precision Airways uses the acronym PW and is called the ‘Please Wait’ airline by local people.

The Dhow Palace is in Stone Town and is something else – an ‘olde worlde’ Arabian style hotel with a central courtyard with pool and just one block back from the seafront.  Bonus is that we once again have internet – yay!!

Dhow Palace Inner Courtyard

Dhow Palace Inner Courtyard

Dhow Palace - Mr and Mrs L's Room

Dhow Palace – Mr and Mrs L’s Room

Drinks were at a great little bar, Tatu, 5 minutes walk away followed by a very good dinner at the next door restaurant, 6 degrees south.  Then back home to bed at the more normal time for Mr and Mrs L of 11.00pm.  First up tomorrow at 9.00am is to meet up with the Easy Travel rep here in Zanzibar.  Easy Travel have been brilliant to date – their attention to the detail of our trip is consistent and sincere, we are very impressed thus far.

Tomorrow will be time to explore Stone Town………


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