Tanzania and Zanzibar: 4th – 18th January 2014

Kenya Airways Boeing 777

Kenya Airways Boeing 777

The planning began many months ago in June 2013 when the flights and safari had been booked.  This trip is Mr L’s 60th birthday present.

All packed and off we set for Heathrow Terminal 4 on Saturday afternoon 4 January 2014.  Everything proceeded seamlessly with Kenya Airways staff polite, smiling and very helpful.  We sailed through security with barely a by your leave! Mrs L’s expectations of her Kenya Airways flight were not high – earlier research had indicated that Kenya Airways is a 3* airline as compared to BA which is 4* and Singapore Airlines which is 5*. She was pleasantly relieved to find that the plane was a reasonably new 777 and individual TV screens available for each passenger.  Plentiful alcohol served…….all good so far……eventually a meal was serves which was definitely mediocre  with Mrs L’s vegetable lasagne only lukewarm; Mr L was happy with his chicken dish though.  Unfortunately, despite having TV screens there was no in-flight entertainment for the whole flight as they could not get it to work.  The plane was also very hot – was this a plan to get us used to tropical climes or rather more to do with the fact the air conditioning was probably not working properly? Mrs L was happy to accept these faults as long as the rest of the plane was in sound working order!!!  iPads to rescue with previously downloaded programmes kept us entertained.

We arrived with sunrise into Nairobi having had very little sleep and quickly found ourselves in our holding pen for our connecting flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport here in Tanzania.


Kilimanjaro International Airport

We arrived on a little propeller plane with a somewhat disconcertingly bumpy descent into Kilimanjaro!

We had good views of Mt Kilimanjaro from the left of the plane – we were flying at an altitude of 17,500ft and Mt Kilimanjaro is 19,341ft high (glad we were flying round it rather than over it) – and view of Mt Meru on the right of the plane.

Mt Kilimanjaro taken from the plane

Mt Kilimanjaro taken from the plane

Yellowfever certificates were checked before admission in to the arrivals hall – glad the £50 a yellowfever shot had not been in vain…..then arrivals form to complete and Tanzania visa to purchase……through to baggage reclaim and much relief to see our bags had also safely made the journey from London Heathrow and arrived at the same time as us!!

Precision Airways propeller plane

Precision Airways propeller plane


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