Mr L’s Birthday Dinner

The day of the birthday dinner has dawned, preparations are complete, food is cooking and its now 6.30pm – time for all the guests to arrive. Fourteen guests in total: Mr and Mrs L, Miss A and Mr D, Little Miss A and Mr G, Granny L, Granny M and Grandpa A, Mr and Mrs T with Nephew J and Anya, and last but not least Nephew S.


Mr and Mrs L


Miss A and Mr D

Mr G and Little Miss A

Mr G and Little Miss A

Let’s get this party swinging!!!!

All attendee’s keys into a bowl on arrival…..Mrs L has a plan…….the well established pampas grass outside the backdoor finally lives to fulfil its potential (a potential unknown by Mrs L but which Mr T assures her is correct – how does he know we ask?).

Champagne served and presents time……lots of lovely bubbly, a bottle of Remy Martin, an ‘Old Guys Rule’ t-shirt, a blue glass fruit bowl, a book of Thunks, an indoor skydiving gift voucher for 2.  Mrs L’s gift is a 2 week trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar – 6 days safari on the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater followed by 3 days of culture and history in Stone Town, Zanzibar and then the final 6 days in Nungwi, Zanzibar staying by the beach.  Mr L was quite pleased I think!

Then for the quiz…….there are 4 teams of 3 people for the quiz.  Team leaders are Nephew S, Anya, Little Miss A and Mr T who then selected a set of keys to find out their 2 other teammates.  Miss A is a floater as she does have some insider knowledge (so cannot be allowed to win), and as quiz master all Mrs L’s answers are final with no appeal allowed.  The quiz was great fun and Mrs L declared everyone a winner when the quiz was marked after dinner!

Dinner consisted of starters – pears and St Aguy on a bed of salad leaves with a hazelnut dressing; main course – cheese and pepperdew stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon served with new potatoes and french beans; dessert – ‘birthday bunny’ jelly and ice cream (it is a birthday party after all!!); birthday cake – a stunning chocolate birthday provided as a birthday present by Mr G and Little Miss A.  Thanks to Little Miss A’s aunt who made the cake – delicious…….


Copious quantities of champagne, wine with the meal followed by brandy, whisky, port and baileys……….

A brilliant evening………..Mr and Mrs L finally made it to bed at 2am.


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