Preparations for a Birthday Party

Mr L has a birthday, a big birthday, a 60th birthday!!

Mr L wants a family birthday dinner at home.  Due to work and travel commitments of various family members (which meant people would be departing Norfolk at various times on the Sunday), it was agreed that the birthday dinner would need to be on Saturday 28th December.

So early December……let the preparations begin……….

Email correspondence with Granny M to find out if she had any photos of a very young Mr L.  There was a bit of a panic when initially she could not find any of those early pics. Finally the photos were found and Mrs L arranged to pop in to Hethersett on her way back to London on Sunday 8th December.  The photos are all black and white – had colour been invented when Mr L was a mere babe?!  Meanwhile Mrs L had managed to surreptitiously check through the photo albums at Hill House and remove a few gems and secret the album of Mr L photos from the pre-Mrs L era into her backpack – all whilst Mr L was in the loo!!!

1955: Mr L - a mere babe

1955: Mr L – a mere babe

1983: The middle years - bronzed and gorgeous (Pre Mrs L)

1983: The middle years – bronzed and gorgeous (Pre Mrs L)

2013: Grumpy old man....but still gorgeous (The Mrs L effect!)

2013: Grumpy old man….but still gorgeous (The Mrs L effect!)

Mrs L now had loads of Mr L photos back in her flat in London – all shapes, sizes, some B&W, others colour, some printed, some negatives and others digitally saved.

What to do with them all……..

  1. 3 for the invite
  2. Some for a guess the year quiz
  3. Put them all on a USB memory card and they can play on the TV all evening…..thanks to Miss A for that great idea

Now for the music for the evening – Mrs L pondered on this on her drive back to London and thought it would be good to find out what song was number 1 on 29 December 1953…….and then of course she realised that Mr L’s birthday coincides with the Xmas number 1 song!  So now off to make a playlist of the Xmas no 1s for the past 60 years – Mr L will love this!!!!

The week of 9-13 December was busy with scanning in all the photos and then adjusting colour etc – again Miss A’s assistance was invaluable.  Miss A has used her investigative skills and tracked down a couple of excellent websites – one that lists all the No 1s for 29th December (Xmas No 1s) and another that lists useless, interesting, bizarre facts related to 29th December. This has got Mrs L thinking…….all will be used on the evening of 28th December…..the quiz is taking shape in Mrs L’s head.

Other birthday preparations are also proceeding satisfactorily.  Birthday cake ordered, balloons, candle, banner and table ’60s’ all ordered too.  Invites sent – Mr G sent his ‘regrets’ within 1 minute of receiving his invite…..clearly a decision made with care and deliberation – apparently childish efforts on the part of Mr G to wind his mother up!!!  Little Miss A has accepted and will be dragging Mr G along by his bow tie.  Mr L has also accepted so that’s good.


Getting close now…..23rd December – all the little goodies have arrived, the quiz is done (table quiz format with a Mr L picture together with 3 little clues to enable folk to guess the year), music is being collated (Miss A, Mr D and Mrs L are browsing through the obscure and the more well-known tunes in their iTunes folders – what we don’t have between us I will have to purchase), so that just leaves the menu to sort………

What to eat…….hmmm… for 14………

That reminds me, I had to cancel my M&S chocolate birthday cake as Mr G and Little Miss A have sorted something similar but more special.  A must do is to make a ‘birthday bunny’ jelly – never too old for a birthday bunny!!

The day before…….Mrs L hit Sainsbury’s for the mega shop, Mr L came too.  Jelly made, food all in the fridge……Saturday morning let the cooking preparations begin!

Mr L is getting twitched…..very twitched…….he is suspicious that something is about to happen!!!


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