Bellagio Pools – Day 17

We woke this morning in our huge bed in our sumptuous room on the 23rd floor of the Bellagio.  Mrs L had to actually get out of bed to push the switch to open first her drapes and then her sheer curtains. Once back in bed she could view a perfect blue sky and Caesar’s Palace  through her floor to ceiling window – not a bad way to start the day.

First stop was to locate a suitable breakfast venue – Mr L has to have breakfast – and eating breakfast at the Bellagio is not an option unless we re-mortgage the house!  The Earl of Sandwich in the Miracle Mile of Shops did the job – Mrs L had a healthy yoghurt with granola and fruit, Mr L had the same plus the addition of a hot BLT sandwich.  Hot lettuce was a first for Mr L and he says tasted better than it sounds!

We decided today would be a day of leisure relaxing by the assorted pools of the Bellagio – there are 5 pools in total.  The pool we chose was perfect for Mrs L as it had a uniform depth of 3ft 6ins throughout its length – she was happy when she had a brief dip to cool off and knew she would not be out of her depth!




After after a thoroughly strenuous day lying on a sunbed it was back to the hotel room for a luxurious soak in a bath with ‘Dead Sea and rose clay’ added – my birthday present from Little Sis – very nice, thanks.

All dolled up Vegas style we headed off to the Champagne Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel for cocktails to start our evening.  Mr L had the Fire Breathing Dragon whilst Mrs L had a Baked Alaska.


It was then back to the Miracle Mile Mall for dinner at Lamborino’s, an Italian restaurant we had spotted this morning.  The Miracle Mile is really quite amazing, lots go high end shops set under what looks like real sky with lots of Disneyesque facades – sounds tacky but actually quite impressive.

Time to play the tables……..we gathered with a crowd watching one guy playing roulette at about $30,000 a go, he was still playing by the time we left the casino.  Meanwhile Mr and Mrs L hit the Big Six table where the smallest bet is $2, much more our league. I rapidly lost my $20, Mr L was successful for a while longer and then his $20 was all gone too.  Next up was a joint go on the machines – no longer the old coins to put in, now 25c and more and you have to use notes.  We found a 25c machine and had a go – no idea what was going on but we won a few extra goes so good fun was had for the investment of about $4!  The casino is not going to makes its fortune out of us!!


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