“It’s Vegas, Baby!!” – Day 16

Acknowledgement for the title of today’s blog has to be accredited to Little Sis who, it is reported, on arriving in Las Vegas wound down her window and shouted out said words.  Needless to say, she was immediately disowned by all family members with whom she was travelling!!

Breakfast in Utah and a quick stop at Cabelo’s before hitting the I-15 to Las Vegas.  Cabelo’s was recommended as a must see before leaving Salt Lake City – Little Sis came with us to the ‘world’s foremost outfitter – hunting, fishing and outdoor gear’.  It was a huge store stuffed with ‘stuffed’ animals, and enough guns and knives and camouflage clothing to start ones own little war!  Not the average sort of store one would find in England.


There was even a nice pink rifle for the ladies – called Daisy!


After leaving Salt Lake City and it’s suburbs we were once again on the plains of North America.  Travelling on the I-15, we passed lots of sagebrush and mostly minimalist towns for much of the remaining journey through Utah.  Fillmore and Cedar City were the only 2 Utah towns of note.

Fillmore is located near the geographical centre of Utah and was chosen as the capital of Utah Territory by Brigham Young.  It remained the capital between 1851-1856 and the original Utah Territorial Statehouse is still standing.  There was conflict with Native Americans and in 1853 a massacre of a military party who were surveying the area.  In 1856 it was decided to move the Territorial Capital to the larger community of Salt Lake City.

Cedar City is nearer Las Vegas than Salt Lake City and has a population of around 29,000 people which is large for this area of Utah.  It was originally settled in 1851 by Mormon pioneers who came from Parowan, Utah and who were sent to build an iron works.  Although it was named ‘Cedar’ after the abundant trees, the trees were actually junipers rather than cedar.  The iron works closed in 1858; but the completion of the railroad connection in 1923 established the area as a tourism gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park.

Leaving Utah we crossed into Arizona – stunning stark red rock scenery as we drove through huge rock formations and canyons.  It was then time for lunch and Mr L was happy as we picnicked amongst the Arizona rocks!


Next state was Nevada and we were now driving across fairly bleak desert landscape where even sagebrush does not grow.  Las Vegas, located in the Mojave Desert, soon appeared on the horizon and before we knew it Mr L had skilfully negotiated his way off the I-15 and into the car park of the Bellagio Hotel.  We were back on Pacific Time so had gained an hour and we were waiting in line to check-in at exactly 4pm.  Today’s car journey was a mere 400 miles and took us (well, Mr L actually) just 6 hours of easy driving.

The view from the front of our hotel overlooks the Eiffel Tower and the magnificent Fountains of the Bellagio – the display goes off regularly from 3pm to midnight every day. It really is a sight to behold!


Having had breakfast in Utah and lunch in Arizona it was now time for dinner in Las Vegas, but before dinner we thought we would explore the strip.  So in true Mr and Mrs L fashion we then walked most of both sides of the main part of the strip before stopping at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaretaville Restaurant for dinner – food good, Mrs L’s beer resembled dishwater, Mr L happy with his margarita!

Las Vegas is like a Disney world for adults!  Suspend reality, embrace the huge scale, bright lights, the excess and enjoy!!  We will do our best for the next 4 days.


2 thoughts on ““It’s Vegas, Baby!!” – Day 16

  1. No 6 hour drive with Mrs L. can ever be described as easy……

  2. No easy rider then?!

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