Park City – Day 15

Glorious day with perfect blue skies, just right for a family trip up a mountain.

Mr and Mrs B, Little Miss Z, Little Sis, Mr L and I all piled into Mr B’s 4×4 and we headed east to the Wasatch Range and the Utah Olympic Park which was used for the 2002 Winter Olympics and is now the US Olympic Training Site.  Mad folk were skiing down the dry slopes, then leaping off to do amazing somersaults before landing in a splash pool!!


Next stop was Nails LaBelle for the ladies with the men volunteered for Little Miss Z duty.  Mrs L’s toes and fingers needed to be got ready for Vegas!  The 3 ladies all had a rose and lavender pedicure, very luxurious with a hot stone leg massage and foot rose wax soak…….even better was the massage chair that gently massaged down Mrs L’s spine and gave good firm buttock clenching massages – almost caused a Meg Ryan moment!!  Little Sis and Mrs L then had manicures as well, so Mrs L is now good to go.


Next up was a supposedly light snack for lunch at Billy Blanco’s as dinner at the Cheesecake Factory was planned for later – meals there are apparently always large. Mr L was warned but felt deprived as he had only had a bowl of cereal and could not possibly survive on cereal and a snack all day……..his meal was selected from the appetisers but his plate of tacos was large enough to share with about 3 other people!


Time now to hit Park City in Summit County, which sits above 7,000 feet in the Wasatch Range.  Park City was explored and settled in by some of the early Mormon pioneers and was originally a prosperous mining town, mainly silver but also some gold and lead.  The population declined following the shutdown of the mining industry in the 1950s but has rebounded since the 1980s with the expansion in tourism.  Park City is now one of the wealthiest cities in the US.  It has 3 major ski resorts – Canyons Resort, Deer Valley Resort, and the Park City Mountain Resort; and it is also the location of the US’s largest independent film festival, the Sundance Film Festival.  It is a very pretty town with the original buildings restored to past splendour and set against the backdrop of the mountains.  We walked up Main Street admiring the shops and the many expensive cars – a yellow Lamborghini, a back convertible Porsche, a red mini with a leather bra on!!!  Never before seen by the English visitors but apparently a phase more popular in the past as a way to protect the front of one’s car from stone chips – unfortunately no photo taken on my phone.  We then all hopped on the free tourist bus and rode the streets.  Park City is a lovely city but way out of all our price ranges unless we win the lottery or hit the jackpot in Vegas!!

The final stop of the day was dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  We all selected our main course with great care to ensure we could squeeze in one of their stunning looking cheesecakes for dessert.


So it is goodbye to Utah and all the family here.  We have been looked after very well and it has been a great few days.  Utah is a lovely state and we will be back to visit again one day, but for now it is adieu and thank you.


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