Gardner – Day 14

Blue skies, sunshine and no snow today!  This great view of the Rocky Mountains is taken looking out from Little Sis’s house.


The plan for the day was to head out to Gardner where they have a Farmer’s Market and lots of little stores all on the site of an old flour mill.  We stopped en route for a great coffee at Beans & Brews, a Utah coffee shop. Certainly the best cappuccino Mrs L has had in a while!



Coffee supped we then continued onto Gardner.  The whole place was themed for Halloween, done amazingly well as really only the Americans can.  Lots of witches – living as well as stuffed; pumpkins large and small too.


We wandered round all the fancy shops and stalls and bought Little Miss Z a Ty Beanie Boo bee called ‘Sting’ to remember Mr and Mrs L by.  She seems to like him!  We had lunch in the old Gardner Mill building which has been converted into a restaurant – it was very busy so we had a long wait but the fried green tomatoes I had for my lunch were definitely worth waiting for.

The Gardner Mill was built in 1877 by a chap called Archibald Gardner (hence the name!) and was a replacement for his earlier 1853 flour mill.  The mill is one of Utah’s oldest remaining flour mills and is a record of pioneer industry in an otherwise agrarian economy.  Most communities are recorded as having a mill and the Gardner Mill functioned as a flour mill for nearly 100 years.  Archibald Gardner was a Mormon convert from Scotland who became a prominent figure in the Salt Lake Valley as an early settler, civic and religious leader, and a builder of canals, bridges and mills.

Lunch done, Little Sis then took us on a hunt for the replica of the multi-coloured house from the Disney movie, ‘Up’, which has been built in the Salt Lake City suburb of Herriman…………


……….but we couldn’t find it…….Little Sis has been there before and seen it but those navigation skills of hers were not available today!!


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