Jucy Lucy

We spotted this RV (recreational vehicle) a couple of times during our days in Yellowstone Park.  On first sighting we did not register what she was, it was only when we parked next to her at Madison that we realised she is a mini mobile home.



Live Jucy. Love Jucy. Rent Jucy.  So, Jucy is her name but Mr L and I have nicknamed her Jucy Lucy!

As you can imagine the roads through Yellowstone were filled with all sorts of RVs – Cruise America RVs, Minnie Winnies, big Winnies, pick-ups trailing RVs of all sizes, some huge.  Getting these RVs up and down and round and round must be pretty hairy at times as bad enough in a car.  The option of a Jucy Lucy has to be a winner!

I googled Jucy when we got back and she is a NZ invention started by two brothers 9 years ago.  Jucy is now available in Australia as well as NZ, and can be hired from Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco in USA.  Jucy sleeps 4, unbelievable as it may seem, as has two double beds – not sure where or how though!

Mrs L has decided that she wants one, Mr L is also quite keen too.  So when Mrs L’s dream of a retirement gap year happens and she sets off on her grand tour of Alaska, Canada and USA she anticipates that Mr L will behind the wheel of Jucy Lucy!!


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