Car day – Day 4

I have received a complaint. Mr L not impressed that the only direct references to himself relate to eating, lunch in particular!  There will be no reference to lunch in today’s blog – mainly because it was a non event!

It was goodbye Seattle as we set off onto the Interstate 90 this morning heading east. Grey and cloudy until we got the other side of the Cascade mountains when we had blue skies and sunshine across miles of plateau/plains – US version of the Fens!  Across Idaho and into Montana and rain and wind with the temperature falling rapidly.  Our final destination 525 miles later is the Garrison Inn in Kalispell, Montana.  Google maps directions got us to Kalispell but failed in the detail of actually getting us to our B&B – stopping a couple of times finally got us onto the right road and we headed off into the dark unknown. Once again despairing of ever getting here we suddenly came upon the Inn up a dirt track halfway up a mountain!

Seattle is on Pacific time, Montana is on Mountain time so we lost another hour arriving finally at 8.30 Having driven for 9 hours. Mr L has done a magnificent job as driver in a strange car and having to drive it on the wrong side of the road.  Our pre booked dinner at the B&B seems to have got lost somewhere over the Atlantic……..nice glass of red wine though.

I have decided that tomorrow will be my birthday as today a bit of a non-event – just one of those things. Means I can be 1 year younger for 1 day longer!!


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